About Me

Hello, and welcome to my website.

Having spent much of my life doodling in my spare time, I decided upon my retirement that I wanted to learn to do things properly. My work colleagues gave me a large box of watercolour paints as a retirement gift, as well as an art course DVD box set. I had no excuse not to take my hobby further.

My skills at times still need fine tuning, but I love seeing what a pencil on a blank sheet of paper can achieve. I have tried various other mediums, from coloured pencils to pastels to acrylics etc., but I always come back to watercolours. The subject matter is as varied as the medium; landscapes, buildings, animals, portraits etc., but I always come back to the subject I love – flowers.

In August 2013, I attended a weekend course on Botanical Art and loved it. The first flower I painted was a white orchid, the hardest thing I could have picked, but the result was amazing, and I was well and truly convinced that I had found my way forward: botanical art. Since then, I have attended another course in March 2014, and am planning another in August. My future plan is to do a distance learning course, starting in August or September.

I hope you enjoy looking at my paintings, and any constructive feedback is very welcome.

Ann Rhodes.